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Abaqus starting error

You also may encounter Abaqus starting error even if it was starting without any problem for past weeks. Errors such as: *** Error: ABQcaeG.exe / rank 0 / thread 0 encounted an in KERNELBASE.dll (code 3765269347) (code 10093) *** Error: ABQcaeK.exe / rank 0 / thread 0  encounted an EXCEPTION_BREAKPOINT in KERNELBASE.dll fmd_GLContext::swapBuffers: not connected […]

field output
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Analysis Outputs

Acquiring and recording the analysis results are the most important goal of each simulation. So far in some examples we have seen how to see results and how to plot curves in visualization module. Requesting for results is done in ‘Step’ module through ‘Field Output’ and ‘History Output’ tools and we’ll go through them in […]

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How to model material plasticity in Abaqus

Almost all the materials show elastic behavior in a period and then plastic behavior and permanent deformations take place. This is what we see in the tensile test results. So, as a finite element user it is important to know how to model material plasticity in Abaqus. The purpose of this post is to getting […]