Abaqus starting error

You also may encounter Abaqus starting error even if it was starting without any problem for past weeks. Errors such as:

*** Error: ABQcaeG.exe / rank 0 / thread 0 encounted an in KERNELBASE.dll (code 3765269347) (code 10093)

*** Error: ABQcaeK.exe / rank 0 / thread 0  encounted an EXCEPTION_BREAKPOINT in KERNELBASE.dll

fmd_GLContext::swapBuffers: not connected to drawable

Abaqus Error: Abaqus/CAE Kernel exited with an error.

abaqus starting error

You need to recognize these kind of errors from license related ones. These kind of errors appear in the black screen after a license successful message and prevent Abaqus/CAE to pull up.

The main reason for this kind of errors is the “Hardware Acceleration” capability of graphic cards which sometimes has conflict with Abaqus. The easiest way to solve it is to turn it off in abaqus_v6.env or graphicsConfig.env

To do so find the .env file in your system and replace

hardwareAcceleration = session.defaultGraphicsOptions.hardwareAcceleration


hardwareAcceleration = OFF

These env files are usually located at some where like:


or in Abaqus 2016 at:

C:\Program Files\Dassault Systemes\SimulationServices\V6R2016x\win_b64\SMA\site

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